Кенжебеков Омирзак Кенжебекулы

Our first sponsor is Kenzhebekov Omirzak Kenzhebekuly, a native of the Tarbagatay district of the East Kazakhstan region.

Omirzak Kenzhebekuly is a graduate of the Almaty regional specialized physics and mathematics school for gifted children named after Sh. Smagulov. At the age of 28, he has already become an investor and co-founder of the consulting company Crypto Consulting Group, a cryptotrade, guest lecturer on new technologies: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency in such universities as KIMEP, KBTU, NarChoz.

Our program touched his heart because he is sure that there are many talented children not only in urban but also in rural areas.

His life motto is to constantly learn, develop and generously share the knowledge gained, because only that you gave to others is left in you. Better once in time than twice correctly.

Рыбкин Игорь Сергеевич

One of our first sponsors- Rybkin Igor’ Sergeyevich is from the Derzhavinsk town of Zharkainsk region in Aqmola oblast’. He is a graduate of a high school named after N. Ostrovskiy. Igor’ Sergeyevich is convinced that it is important to pay attention to the development of children living in regions. That is why he already provided 5 schools of Aqmola oblast’s Yessil region with high-speed Wi-Fi.

Камелова Жанат Жалеловна

Zhanat Zhalelovna is a graduate of school № 3 in the city of Almaty. Now she is a Chartered Financial Analyst of 1 level. Zhanat Zhalelovna is sure that «The youth is our country’s future. Conscious youth is the engine of our country's development!». Her life motto is «There is no limit to perfection»