History of iQanat

From the history of IQanat Olympiads

During 2017-2018 academic year, over 1,500 9th and 10th grades students from Katon-Karagai, Kurchum, Tarbagatai, Zaisan, Kokpekty, Urzhar districts of the East Kazakhstan region were full of hope. In four terms they were in competition with each other, but finally winners were defined according to the total score (students with the highest results) in the following areas: mathematics, physics, English, essay writing and athletics.

As a result, 87 9th grade students, 86 10th grade students, had a great opportunity to take part in the IQanat Republican scientific and educational meeting for free, which was held at Nazarbayev University in the heart of our country - Astana.

As the part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana, 173 East Kazakhstan students went on a trip to the sights of the capital. During motivational trainings they were able to look into the future and develop a plan for the whole year ahead.

The main purpose of the meeting was to select the best among the winners of the IQanat Olympiad. From 173 students who participated, only 30 became the winners of the Republican Olympiad. 13 of them were 10th grade students, 17 - 9th grade students. The winners were awarded not only with diplomas and valuable prizes, but also granted the last edition of Fabrication Laboratory (abbreviation - FabLab) to their school, which costs over 2-3 million tenge. From a  new academic year, students of these schools will be able to implement their innovative ideas and projects, create necessary items and details through digital programming and with the use of 3D printer.

According to the results of the Olympiad, winners in physics - Vakhasova Malika and in mathematics - Kuandykova Mereiym had been enrolled in the Republican physics and mathematics school. Also the founder of the Fund - Rakhimbayev A. Zh. provided Vakhasova Malika with his personal scholarship according to which she has the right to choose any international leading university.

Kegenbayeva Dilnaz and Kadylova Zhansaya received scholarships from the rector T. M. Narikbayev of the Kazakh State University named after M. Narikbayev.

11 students, who showed the highest results on English, have an opportunity to receive absolutely free IELTS preparation course from our Fund with the aim to help them enter best foreign universities. 

The winners will be assisted in grants and scholarships search to Kazakhstani and foreign universities.

In 2018-2019 academic year, 160 winners of the regional IQanat olympiad, 76 students of which are 10th grade students and 84 students of which are 11th grade students, will continue their education at their rural schools. There is a mentor assigned to every student, whose aim is to give motivation and provide needed support.

Educational Fund IQanat together with EduCon LLP (Dostyk) helps students prepare for UNT and achieve high results.

This year we are planning to attract more than 6500 students from Akmola, East Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Aktobe regions for the regional IQanat olympiads.

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